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Welcome to Bible Issues

This site provides Bible Study resources and topics for anyone or group serious about studying the word of God. There are over 80 articles on a wide range of topics. Bookmark this site.

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"small devil BIG GOD" debunks common myths that keep Christians in bondage. Decree and declare, taking back what the devil stole, breaking generational curses - these are all myths that limit God and make our prayers ineffective. Knowing truth sets you free, believing myths keep you in bondage. We outline the scriptural truths Christians need to experience freedom. You may download a free chapter.

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Find God's Voice in the Bible

Do you run after prophets to hear God's voice? Do you make life plans based on silly dreams and "revelations"? You need to start hearing God's voice in the Bible. What you need is to have the Word of God in you. That's what this site is about.

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small devil BIG GOD



Understanding the love of God

Does God Speak with a Small Still Voice?

How Does God Speak Today?

Does God always answer prayer?

Why do we need to pray?

How to pray violently

Praying Without Ceasing

How Does Fasting Work?

The Key of David

The Alleged Tomb of Jesus


How to Rightly Interpret the Bible

Should Believers Keep the OT Food Laws?

The Purpose of the OT Laws


small devil BIG GOD



The Grace of God

What is the Gospel?

What is a True Christian?

The Alleged Works Salvation Scriptures

Can a Believer Lose His Salvation?

Why Do People Backslide?

What is Apostasy?

Walking in the Light

He That Overcomes?

Assurance of Salvation

Sinless vs. Blameless

Can Witchcraft Succeed Against Christians?

Would God forgive suicide?

Forgiving Others

Health and Healing

Is Healing Provided in the Atonement?

Why Do People Lose Their Healing?

Paul's "Thorn in the Flesh"


small devil BIG GOD


Charismatic Movement

Does the Bible Teach us to "Decree and Declare"?

Does the Bible Teach us to "Bind and Loose"?

Does the Bible Teach Positive Thinking?

Why Do People Fall Down / Get Slain?

Are Modern Revival Manifestations of God?

What is the Anointing?

Are the Gifts of the Spirit for the Church Today?

Gifts of the Spirit - Explained and Defined

Are Apostles and Prophets For the Church Today?

Recognizing False Prophets

The Laying of Hands

The Praise and Worship Movement

True Spiritual Warfare

Faith Defined

The Problem With Charismatics

Family Matters

Divorce and Remarriage

Why is the Divorce Rate So High?

Does God Have a Spouse Prepared for Everyone?

Are Women to Submit to Their Husbands?

Should Christians Use Contraception?

Why Teenagers are So Worldly


small devil BIG GOD


Life After Death

What Happens After Death?

Is Hell Eternal?

Stars in Our Crown?

Church Related

I know I'm in a cult because...

Fighting for Religious Liberty

Why are TV preachers always asking for money?

Do We Need to Faithful to our Local Church "First"?

Are Rap, Hip Hop and Rock Music of God?

True Ministry

Women in Ministry

Should Women Cover Their Heads in Church?

Is Tithing Taught in the NT?

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

Biblical Worship

Are These the Last Days?

Social Issues

Does the Bible condone slavery?

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians Enter Politics?

Does the NT Sanction the Death Penalty?

A Christian Perspective on War

Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

 Are People Born Gay?

Can Christians be Gay?

Gay Marriage and the Christian Church


small devil BIG GOD


Personal Living

How to maintain peace during difficult times

What does "Walking in the Spirit" mean?

May a Believer Consume Alcohol?

Is Masturbation a Sin?

Why Do the Righteous Suffer?

What is Rebellion?

Is Lying a Sin?

Is it a Shame for Men to Have Long Hair?


Whoever's sins you forgive are forgiven

Was Jesus Crucified on a Friday or Wednesday?

Other Resources – Christian teachings regarding the Bible, Theology, God, and Jesus Christ, with the goal of revealing theology from the Bible


small devil BIG GOD



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