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If you watch CNN, or read Yahoo or the Huffington Post (as well as other liberal media), almost every day you will read an article against conservative Christianity and in favor of gay marriage. Sometimes they will feature articles written by "gay pastors". Little by little they are trying to push the idea on American society that Christians can be gay, and that's OK. Is it? Can Christians really be gay? This article answers that question by breaking it up into 3 simpler questions - can gay people be saved?, can Christians have homosexual desires?, and can Christians be openly gay and proud?

Can homosexuals be saved? The answer is no different to the question, “can a heterosexual fornicator be saved?” Of course he can. Anyone who comes to Christ in true repentance can be saved. There is absolutely nothing in scripture that suggests that a homosexual cannot be saved. However salvation must include repentance and repudiation of sin. Instead homosexuals typically go to liberal churches that openly welcome them without demanding that they repent. This is not biblical salvation.

Can Christians be homosexuals? This is a different question from above. Can a Christian have homosexual desires? Again this is no different from “can a Christian have adulterous desires?” I believe the answer is yes. Galatians 5 teaches that born again Christians have an internal battle between the indwelling Holy Spirit and the flesh (sinful nature). The works of the flesh comprise many things including sexual sins. All Christian must contend with the flesh. The dominant works of the flesh vary from Christian to Christian. Some struggle with anger, others with envy. Some struggle with sexual desires and lusts. Some even struggle with attraction to underage children. It would not be surprising if some Christians struggle with desires for same sex relations. Whether they were born that way or became that way because of past experiences, the fact is that gay people genuinely have these desires. All of these things are possible. Paul said that in our flesh dwells no good thing (Romans 7:18). Jesus taught that from the heart of man proceeds the vilest evils imaginable (Mark 7:21).

But Christians also have the Holy Spirit living in them to fight against the flesh. The Spirit brings conviction of sin and gives the strength to overcome sinful tendencies. So if a Christian has homosexual desires, they would bring him a great deal of shame and conviction. He would recognize the horror of his condition and continually repent before God. He may or may not commit the occasional act of sin, but his general disposition will be one of repentance and humility before God. So Christians may have homosexual desires if their flesh is weak in that area.

But can a Christian be openly gay and proud? The answer is a resounding no. If there is no repentance or conviction of sin, then that person does not fit the description of Galatians 5:17. There is clearly no struggle between Spirit and flesh and that person is clearly an unregenerate sinner who does not have the Holy Spirit. They are just flesh without the Spirit. That person is not saved according to the biblical definition. Many homosexuals classify themselves as Christians. But instead of coming to God in repentance for their sin, they refuse to confess that their condition is a sinful one, and instead find some liberal church that accepts them as they are.

It is clear that the word Christian is quickly becoming meaningless. There are even some churches that ordain gay ministers. We need to distinguish between liberal Christians who flagrantly disregard the parts of the bible that are not convenient to them from conservative or biblical Christians.

How should the conservative church deal with gay people who attend church? That depends. Jesus told us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We need to have the discernment to differentiate between those who are genuinely seeking God, and those who are looking to cause trouble. We should have an open door to anyone who wants to come to Christ in repentance. But we need to keep our eyes open. If any group that does not adhere to sound doctrine starts spreading their leaven to others within the church, then we need to take decisive action according to Matthew 18.

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