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Bible Issues

People often ask about sending financial donations. Our goal is to provide ministry free of charge to the public, so we do not accept any financial contributions. However, if you feel led to give, I recommend that you find a missionary or evangelist in your area who is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the underpriviliged. Whatever you had intended to give to me, give to them instead. Don't give to those TV preachers who will waste your money on luxury cars, lavish homes and private jets. Give to those who are truly doing the work of God. That way, you'll get some reward in heaven for it.

But you can help us in non-financial ways.

  • Pray for us.
  • Share with your friends on social media. Every page has the social media bar to the left (if you're on a computer) or at the bottom (if you're on a mobile device). If you've been blessed, please share the articles with your friends, so they can be blessed too.
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